The Design/Build Approach

Design+Build: The easier, more efficient way to remodel…

Design+Build is a method of project delivery whereby the homeowner hires one team of design and construction professionals capable of handling their entire project, start to finish.

Design+Build will save you time.

One-stop shopping. Unlike the Design-Bid-Build method that requires you to hire an architect or designer, complete the entire design process, collect bids, select a contractor, and then coordinate design and construction on your own, Design+Build puts the responsibility for your project in the hands of one design+build team.  This leaves you free to spend your time on the broader scope of your project, defining your needs and vision throughout the process.

Streamlined process. Together, your design+build team coordinates all aspects of design and construction, from quality and cost of materials and labor to timely completion of your project.  In many cases design and construction functions can overlap and with this integration of design and construction your project is finished faster.

Design+Build will save you money.

Time savings translates into cost control. Since design and construction go hand in hand, your team determines the most cost-effective and efficient approach to your project in the design phase.  Construction materials and methods are matched to design decisions.  There is no waiting for bids to come in, and you eliminate the risk of costly redesign later in the design process.

Greater cost control means better budget management. With construction and design costs determined by your design+build team early in the process, there are no surprises down the line.  Knowing the projected costs of both construction and design helps you to set up a a realistic budget before the project starts, and avoids unanticipated expenditures later.