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Once we have a solid design plan in place and a clear understanding of the scope of work, construction can begin. It is important to note that the intended design plan is not always the final design plan. Demolition of existing walls, floors, and ceilings can reveal conditions we can only surmise before construction is underway. If and when circumstances change during construction, the design team is available to revisit the plan and make quick adjustments to the drawings.

Construction begins with careful containment of the work area. We take great care to protect the rest of your living area from dust and debris. Using BuildClean dust collectors and HEPA vacuums, we are able to limit dust outside of our work area. We know the dangers of lead and other contaminants and take this very seriously.

Our Project Managers schedule the day to day operation of your renovation. They coordinate the OUR HOUSE crew and all licensed sub-contractors to maximize efficiency and minimize project delays. We use online project management software to maintain a working schedule and share files, plans, and updates with you. You will receive regular updates from your project manager about the activity in your home as your project proceeds. The Design Team is also available throughout the construction process to ensure that every detail of the design is being executed correctly.