OUR Process

A Consulation at your home is where we like to begin.  This initial visit from a member of the OUR HOUSE team, allows us to see the existing space first-hand and discuss improvements you desire to make. Our objective in this meeting is to define the scope of your project and gather enough information to provide you with a detailed estimate.  At this point, we can also determine whether further Design Services are necessary first to determine accurate pricing.  If this is the case, OUR team of designers will come out to your home to take detailed measurements of the space and begin the design process.

OUR Design Process

Schematic Design

  • Measure and photograph space
  • Prepare Existing Conditions Plan
  • Prepare Design Proposal with elevations and perspectives

Design Development

  • Meet with Client to review design options and get feedback
  • Make revisions to preferred design

Product Selection

  • Prepare Product Checklist and Budget
  • Provide Preferred Vendor List
  • Prepare timeline for selection of product
  • Assist Client in selection of finishes
  • Prepare estimates for product (tile take-offs, cabinet sizes, etc.)
  • Price cabinetry, countertops, and finishes
  • Order all necessary product

Once we have an understanding of the intended design plan and scope of work, construction can begin.  It is important to note that the intended design plan is not always the final design plan. Herein lies the greatest advantage to the Design/Build approach.  There are sometimes unknowns going into a construction project that are only revealed through demolition of the existing space.  If and when circumstances change during demolition, it is easy to make adjustments to the design and finalize the plan.  We try very hard to anticipate as much as possible before beginning construction so that issues that arise can be quickly addressed with efficient, economical solutions, carefully considering the beauty and function of the final product and your budget.

OUR Construction Process 

Construction begins with careful containment of the work area. We take great care to protect the rest of your living area from dust and debris.  Using BuildClean dust collectors and HEPA vacuums, we are able to limit dust outside of our work area. This is one of our top priorities and all of our workers are trained in this capacity. We know the dangers of lead and other contaminants and take this very seriously.

Once our work area is contained, we proceed with demolition. We keep you constantly updated so you are never in the dark about the goings on in your own home. We use online project management software where we have a working schedule and can share files, plans, specifications, etc. Our project managers schedule our own crew and licensed sub-contractors to maximize time and minimize project delays.

We find that between a detailed design plan, constant and open communication, and good, hard work in the field, we are able to deliver a beautiful finished product that we guarantee you will be happy with.

Typical Timeline

  • Demolition
  • Rough Framing
  • Rough Plumbing & Electrical
  • Inspections
  • Insulation
  • Board & Plaster
  • Painting
  • Tile & Flooring Installation
  • Cabinet Installation & Finish Carpentry
  • Final Plumbing & Electrical
  • Final Project Review and Completion
  • Final Inspections