What lurks below the floor boards . . .

Demolition is always a dirty job, especially when tearing apart an old house.  You never truly know what you’ll find.   We took up the floor of this bathroom today in anticipation of  relocating  plumbing, and laying new sub-flooring.  To our surprise, we discovered that one of the main floor joists  had been completely cut through to accommodate the old plumbing.  You can’t do that!  unless you want to fall through the ceiling while you’re on the toilet!  The two ends of the joist were  then “joined” by a flimsy piece of pine sistered onto each side but then even the piece of pine was cut into to accommodate pipes!  Compromising the structural integrity of your floor is a huge “No-No.”  Making this floor structurally sound  and safe for the homeowner will be the next necessary step in this remodel.

As contractors, we like to be able to give our clients a realistic idea of what a remodel will entail but with old houses especially, it is not uncommon to find surprises once you get into the project.   We do the very best we can to estimate fees ahead of time but we make a point to prepare our customers for the possibility of additional costs.   It is always a good idea to go into a remodeling project with some monies in reserve  for additional items that may reveal themselves only after the walls are open.

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